Coronavirus: Do people have to shield and what are the rules?

By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online

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During the first lockdown, certain people were advised to take extra steps – or shield – to avoid contracting Covid-19, because they were considered more at risk of needing hospital treatment.


many parts of the UK face more restrictions due to rising cases of coronavirus across the country, what are the recommendations?

Is shielding coming back?

It’s not the same as during the first lockdown, when the advice was to stay at home at all times, but clinically extremely vulnerable people are being advised to take extra precautions.

Infection levels in the community reduced over the summer, meaning the risk of exposure became significantly less than in the spring.

This allowed some restrictions, including shielding, to be relaxed.

But rates of new Covid cases have been rising again in the UK.

The new government guidelines strongly advise clinically extremely vulnerable people to stay at home at all times, apart from going out to exercise or attend a medical appointment.

The advice says try to keep all contact with others to a minimum and avoid busy areas. If you

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Family physicians were the base of the healthcare system in India for ages. When we watch any Bollywood movie released between the 70s & 90s, there was always a family physician who will be called for whenever someone falls sick in the family. However, as time passed, the family physician was given a skip both from movies as well as from real life.

Dr. Raman Kumar, National President, Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI), says, “Family Physicians were the very basis of Indian healthcare delivery system. However, unfavourable regulations have disrupted this healthcare delivery system. In the absence of a qualified family physician, patients reach out to quacks for the treatment because of their easy accessibility & affordability. Quacks may help patients with mild bacterial or viral infections, but often complicate serious illnesses, which they are not able to diagnose. A patient, which could have been treated with basic medical care then becomes a patient that needs super speciality care further burdening the already burdened healthcare system.“

“With the introduction of National Medical commission (NMC), I am hopeful that the stream of family medicine will be strengthened. Academy of Family Physicians of India

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