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New Delhi: A pan-India survey by Ipsos has revealed that headache is the top common ailment among urban Indians, with at least 1 in 2 claiming to be suffering from it. Moreover, to mitigate the impact of the ailment, consumers prefer over-the-counter pills over balms.

The Ipsos Consumer Health Monitor: OTC Quotient of Urban India, covered 34 cities and 15,133 households. The survey cited fever, bodyache, common cold, and nose block among other top ailments.

“Notably for fever, consumers chose doctor visit over self-medication whereas for headache, cough and cold, more respondents seemed to self-medicate and rely on chemists. Further, gastric conditions were found to be more prevalent among geriatrics.

“Interestingly, Eno has emerged the top OTC brand choice for gastric conditions with at least 7 in 10 urban Indian preferring it. Zandu Balm was the top choice among balms for headaches,” says a statement by Ipsos.

The survey monitored 15,133 households in 34 towns across four zones.

The survey captured 50 common ailments and conditions and includes the categories of analgesics and antipyretics, oral care, cough and cold, antacids and digestives, anti-spasmodics, anti diarrhoeal, skin injuries/ailments, hair problems, sleep loss, etc. actions taken (home remedies, self-medication, doctors visit), brand

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