‘How medical professionals can manage their own mental health during this pandemic’, Health News, ET HealthWorld

by Dr. Vinod Kumar

Mark Twain once said, “The physician who knows only medicine, knows not even medicine.” In order to be adept at the art of health and healing, you need to start with yourself. Your first patient is you. If you constantly explore how you define your own health, you will be more present and successful in helping your patients do the same. And more importantly, you will be happier and fulfilled in your life’s work.

To begin with, the health and in particular mental health status of medical professionals in our country is a cause for concern. A study conducted by the India Medical Association (IMA) in 2018 suggests that the average lifespan of urban Indian doctors ranges from 55 to 59 years. This is alarming when compared to the average life expectancy of 72 years.

Even during normal times, there is a lack of work-life balance in a medical professional’s life more often than not. There is no legislation like the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) to safeguard the need for work-life balance. In the private sector, where a majority of medical professionals work, the situation is even worse as market forces and financial incentives drive

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