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In Pic: Arun Mehra, MD and CEO at APAC Biotech

In an interaction with ETHealthworld, Arun Mehra MD and CEO at APAC Biotech, shares the potential of dendritic cell-based personalised immunotherapy for treating cancer patients and the company’s expansion plans.

Q: How does personalised immunotherapies like APCEDEN provide significant benefit to cancer patients?
Arun Mehra: Unlike the conventional pharmaceutical products, APAC’s Personalised Immunotherapy Treatment APCEDEN, is based on utilising the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Two individuals, suffering from the same type of cancer, may experience totally different variations of the malady and behaviour of disease progression, thus making it difficult to treat cancer and for this reason, oncology is one field where personalised medicine is evolving rapidly.

The more these treatments are tailored according to each patient, the higher are the chances for effectively treating the patient’s cancer. Personalisation – creating a specialized tailored therapy for each patient wasn’t possible before. The goal is to allow patients a prolonged pain-free time and to control the spread of the tumor.

Personalised Immunotherapies like APCEDEN have a significant advantage compared with conventional drugs: the immune cells are “smart and specific” and can actively distinguish between healthy dividing and

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