‘The green gym has pulled me out of a rut’

Planting trees and vegetables are being offered as an alternative for some to lifting weights and running on treadmills.

There are green gyms dotted across the UK that are managed by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

Christopher Bingham from Northern Ireland got involved with his local green gym earlier this year.

The 27 year old from Ballysillan in Belfast said: “During lockdown I was in a dark period, I was doing nothing with my life.

“But as soon as the green gym came along it’s really helped me, it’s pulled me out of a rut.”

In Northern Ireland, there are 36 green gym session per week delivered across 22 sites– a combination of community garden, allotment and woodland settings.

A new partnership with National Museums NI’s and TCVs has seen a pilot green gym project being introduced at Ulster Folk Museum.

Daniel Bingham said: “I’m unemployed, but going to the green gym, gardening, exercising and meeting other people has really boosted my confidence to keep on going with my job search.”

Video journalist: Niall McCracken

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Impact of Nutraceutical Sector Post Covid, Health News, ET HealthWorld

By Nihaal Mariwala

The nutraceutical sector has always been present in the market and has been running for a long time. Having its roots deep within Ayurveda and science, nutraceuticals have been a choice for the consumers for a healthy lifestyle. Initially this sector and the products were taken as a curative cure and was seen specifically for those who are indulging in heavy workout sessions and diets. But as time has changed and we are facing many critical health issues, this perception towards the sector has completely changed.

Once considered a curative cure, the sector and its products are now being consumed as a way of preventive cure. This change started last year when the pandemic hit the world, taking everybody through a rush of worry. This worry has now become a big concern which led people in search of ways to boost their immunity to fight against the virus. This wave of awareness among people and the arising need to stay fit has brought tremendous growth to the sector of nutraceuticals. Since the pandemic, people are consuming more supplements to make sure they are taking all the necessary nutrients that their body needs to keep it healthy.


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