Delhi government to subsidise private players setting up LMO facilities to tackle oxygen shortage, Health News, ET HealthWorld

The Delhi government is taking necessary steps, including offering subsidies to the private sector for setting up oxygen facilities to handle the COVID 19 situation, according to its health minister Satyendar Jain.

Jain said the Delhi Government would offer an incentive scheme to hospitals for setting up liquid medical oxygen (LMO) storage facilities in their premises. “We would be offering an incentive of Rs 1 lakh per ton to these hospitals. So if the hospital sets up a 50 ton LMO storage facility which would usually cost them around Rs 70- 80 lakhs, Rs 50 lakh would be given by the Delhi government now,” he said.

The minister was speaking on Friday at a virtual session on Delhi Healthcare System – Preparedness to combat the third wave of COVID-19.

He explained that during the second wave, Delhi faced an acute shortage of Oxygen, but this time they were well prepared. “The demand had gone as high as 700-750 tons per day. This time, even in the worst situations, we would be able to generate more than 50 per cent of the requirement from Delhi itself,” he said.

He informed that the government has already installed more than 50 PSA plants which are capable of generating around 250-300 tons of oxygen required in hospitals daily.

“The government has already made an arrangement of 37,000 beds with oxygen supply attached to it dedicated to handling only COVID cases if they arise. Even during the second wave, we had made arrangements for 23,000 beds. This time we have also made arrangements to have ICUs in the hospital itself where the beds are arranged,” he said. He further explained that the Delhi government has already taken steps to add around 7,000 more beds which would happen over a period of six months.

The minister said the Delhi government has changed the benchmark for handling COVID cases in Delhi. “Unlike the national average of 5 per cent COVID cases which is considered safe while testing, we have kept the limit at 0.5 per cent. At 5 per cent we would announce a complete lockdown. At the moment, we get around 1 patient for every 1,000 patients we test. If we get 5 patients then we would activate the first level of response.”

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