Dr Indu Bhushan to co-lead OFI’s National Oxygen Grid initiative, Health News, ET HealthWorld

OxygenForIndia (OFI), a volunteer-run campaign to deliver medical oxygen in response to the COVID-19 second wave in India on Monday announced that Dr Indu Bhushan will co-lead its effort to form a national oxygen grid.

According to the release, the national oxygen grid will be set up in the peri-urban and rural healthcare facilities which are either charitable or privately operated.

OFI was founded by Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan, Founder and Director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) in Washington DC and New Delhi and a senior research scholar at Princeton University for large-scale deployment of a volunteer-driven logistics network to supply medical oxygen.

Speaking about this, “The acute need for oxygen predates COVID-19, and shortages are a constant problem, particularly in rural India. Pregnant women and children with pneumonia can die without supplemental oxygen. Medical oxygen is among the most essential and best understood medical interventions. We are delighted to have Dr Indu Bhushan on board with us in this initiative,” Dr Laxminarayan said.

Dr Indu Bhushan, Ex CEO, Ayushman Bharat said, “An ideal oxygen grid for the country would work much like an electricity grid, with central generation (LMO), transmission (tankers and cylinders), storage (liquid and gaseous), and decentralised production (PSA generators and oxygen concentrators). A sustainable oxygen grid — one that supplies medical oxygen when and where it is required — needs both centralised and decentralized production, plus reliable transmission, and storage.”

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