Genes2Me launches extraction free RT-PCR kit that deliver results in 40 minutes, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Genetic Diagnostics Company Genes2Me, on Monday launched RT- Direct Multiplex RT-PCR kit for COVID-19 that displays results in 40 minutes without any RNA extraction kit and instrument. The Made in India kit is based on the gold standard RTPCR method, targeting three genes specific to SARS-COV-2 along with IC to provide better results than those targeting one or two specific genes. The technique can further increase the sensitivity of the RT-PCR test to detect samples with different mutations or the variants of the virus.

Approved by Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) and validated at Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved Centre, the kit can significantly reduce the time to 40 minutes from the normal test protocol times of 120-150 minutes thus increasing the throughput of testing labs.

Speaking about the product, Neeraj Gupta, Founder and CEO, Genes2Me said, “The process of RNA extraction have been a crucial step till now in RT-PCR testing protocol for COVID-19 which affects the reporting time, results and cost. Our newly launched RT-PCR kit will not only reduce the turnaround time by three times but also save huge cost of extraction kit and machine which would eventually make COVID test more affordable in our country. Further he added that the company innovated proprietary enzymes that are one of the world’s fastest and efficient, that helps in reducing the RT-PCR time by half than standard other enzymes used in all other kits. This is the main reason why we are able to reduce the reaction time in 40 mins with 100 percent sensitivity. ”

Talking about the benefits offered in the new product launched by the company, he added “With the use of our RT- Direct Multiplex RTPCR kit for COVID-19, all the diagnostic entities will be able to deliver the results in the shortest time. Thus, in case of the next COVID wave, the kit will help in reducing the burden on the diagnostic industry in delivering fast and accurate results. The test kit is also compatible with commonly available RT PCR devices in the market”.

Genes2Me had earlier manufactured molecular IVD kits for COVID-19 testing which were validated by ICMR. The company plans to incorporate the newly launched testing kits in various diagnostic labs including their own to significantly reduce the time for COVID testing.

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