Medikabazaar to expand warehousing capacity in underserved regions, Health News, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi : In order to strengthen the company’s supply chain infrastructure, B2B Health-tech platform Medikabazaar announced the expansion of warehousing capacity across India. The target behind the expansion, is to reduce the wide supply chain gap between metropolitan and tier-II, tier-III cities.

“The geographical expansion is aimed at reducing delivery turnaround times, ensuring better availability of medical supplies in underserved regions and rural areas, thus improving accessibility of healthcare supplies and facilities in the remotest regions of the country. It will setting up over 45 fulfilment centres across the country amidst the rising consumer base for the health-tech services provided,” a company statement said.

Speaking on incentives behind the expansion, Vivek Tiwari, CEO and Founder, Medikabazaar said “The expansion of fulfilment centres will play a major role in easing the distribution and delivery of products but also reduce costs in the long term. Fulfilment centres provide storage for both finished products and materials, packing and distribution services, and numerous other advantages. This expansion will help us serve our current high growth phase and create a positive impact in tier-II and III cities as we will directly serve our customers in almost every state with multiple fulfilment centres that will serve as robust repositories of healthcare supplies and equipment.”

The online platform selling medical supplies and equipment to some of India’s biggest hospital chains has expanded their fulfilment centres in all major states and is further looking to expand its supply chain facilities in the North-Eastern belt in an attempt to provide farthest penetration of healthcare supplies.

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