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AHMEDABAD: With the development of Covid-19 vaccines across the globe over the past few months, messenger RNA or mRNA came into popular discussions due to its high potency, rapid development, and possible low-cost manufacturing.

Siddharth Patel, a young researcher from Vadodara, is now working at the cutting edge of this technology with Senda Biosciences, which is one of the companies of Moderna Therapeutics developing the Covid-19 vaccine.

“As a researcher, I am leading the work on nucleic acid delivery systems which have long-term implications on a broad spectrum of therapy including cancers,” said Patel. He holds a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from Oregon State University and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Cornell University.

His work on mRNA therapeutics and lipid nanoparticles with Moderna Therapeutics has been published over the past few years with reputable journals. His pathbreaking research focused on engineering enhanced lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery leading to potent therapeutic applications. These works were published in leading high-impact journals, ACS Nano Letter and Nature Communications. His efforts resulted in a patent and licensing deal with Moderna.

“It is an exciting time for bioscience and medical science in general — never have we seen such a sustained collaborative effort to fight a disease or an infection in the past,” said Patel. “But even beyond Covid-19, the technology developed in terms of drug delivery system, diagnostics and therapeutics will go a long way for other diseases as well in the future.”

Patel said that young people are steering towards hitherto unconventional career paths that are both enriching and rewarding. “I would like to see more young Gujaratis in the core research projects that are pushing boundaries of science and technology,” he said.

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