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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlining the need to follow COVID protocols to ward off a potential third wave of infections urged the states to continue with the strategy of Test, Track, Treat and Teeka (vaccination). Termed vaccines as a strategic tool for high infection areas.

Addressing a virtual meeting of chief ministers from the six states — Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Odisha, Maharashtra and Kerala as these states accounted for more than eighty percent of the total cases during the month of July , while some of these states have very high test positivity rate as well.

“Six states need to continue with the strategy of Test, Track, Treat and Teeka (vaccination) while putting special focus on micro-containment zones, especially districts with large numbers should be focused on. As vaccines are a strategic tool for high infection areas,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Stressing that apprehensions of the third wave are continuously expressed, the Prime Minister stressed that despite experts giving positive signals due
to the downward trends, the increasing number of cases in a few states is still worrisome.

“During the last week 80 per cent cases as well as 84 per cent unfortunate deaths came from the states present in the meeting. Initially experts believed that states where the second wave originated will see the normalization first. However, increasing numbers in Kerala and Maharashtra are cause of grave worry,” he added

Also cautioned that similar trends were seen in January-February before the second wave. Insisted that in the states where cases are rising, they must take proactive measures to prevent the possibility of the third wave.

Highlighting about the financial help that is being provided for enhancing medical infrastructure like ICU beds and testing capacity, the Prime Minister referred to the recently approved Rs 23000 emergency COVID response package. Asked the states to use the funds to strengthen medical infrastructure.

He also exhorted the states to fill the infrastructural gaps, especially in the rural areas. Similarly strengthen IT systems, control rooms and call centres so that citizens get access to resources and data in a transparent manner and patients are spared the hassle.

Reiterating that Corona is not over and expressed deep concern over the pictures that are coming post lockdown. He emphasized the need to follow protocol and avoid crowding as many states in the meeting have metropolitan cities with dense populations. He also called upon political parties, social organizations, and NGOs to spread awareness among people

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